Sponsored Swim

Every year, the club holds a sponsored swim. This not only gives us a chance to raise money for the club and a local charity, but just as importantly it allows the swimmers to achieve something they can be proud of. They are always amazed at how far they can swim, as are the people who sponsor them.

All swimmers will receive a certificate and badge for the distance they have managed to cover. The coaches will be on hand to ensure everyone has a fun time and achieves their potential.

Half of the money we raise will go towards club funds and allow us to purchase new equipment. The other half will go towards a charity of our choice.

Some rules:

  1. Prior to starting distance swim – make sure you have been to the toilet, if you get out of the pool, you cannot get back in!
  2. Swimmers are not allowed to place their feet on the bottom of the pool during swim.
  3. Swimmers are not allowed to stop at either end of the pool for a rest.
  4. You can change stroke at any time.
  5. If you intend to swim a lot of lengths, (more than 50 lengths) you should be at the pool to start your sponsored swim during 1st or 2nd This will allow sufficient time for you to complete your sponsored swim in good time.
  6. You may swim on both days, however, only one of the swims will count.
  7. Parent volunteers will be needed to help count lengths and encourage the swimmers.
  8. All money and sponsor forms should be handed into the desk.
  9. Have fun!

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